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Published: 31st March 2008
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Classifieds and free classifieds sites are another way to increase your page rank through an SEO campaign. With millions of ads posted daily to these sites, they arefrequently updated and scanned regularly by the search engines. The search enginesreward fresh, dynamic content with higher rankings. Many times these classifieds siteswill also have a high page ranking themselves as they are frequently trafficked or linked to top level media domains such as newspapers. The classifieds are a great way to post announcements, sales, promotions, and links to your web site for free. You can build a list of the best free classified sites, such as the various Craig's lists, or newspaper sites in your region. Post links that lead directly to your site, or affiliate program, to build traffic to your web site from a free classified site with a large community user base.

Another possibility is to host your own free classifieds and give the users on your web site the chance to post their items for sale. You can analyze the user community and see what type of a need or demand there is for a classifieds section. Open source software such as Noah's Classifieds can be added and themed to match your site's lay out and design. As before, having active, fresh, dynamically updated on your web site will attract more users as well as higher search engine rankings. Adding free classifieds to your site can also be done in a way that they are specialized and only list what your keyword or niche market represents. You can specialize and attract the type of customers that are active in that particular niche. Free classifieds make for a much more active community on a web site, but must be watched and guarded against spam or your site will be overrun. You may need to use a "captcha" system to prevent automated spam posts.

Kijiji - http://www.kijiji.com
Gumtree - http://www.gumtree.com
Craigslist - http://www.craigslist.org
Backpage - http://www.backpage.com
Google Base - http://base.google.com
MySpace Classifieds - http://classifieds.myspace.com
Adoos - http://www.adoos.com.co.uk
USFreeads - http://www.usfreeads
AdPost - http://www.adpost.com
AbleWise - http://www.ablewise.com
ClassifiedsForFree - http://www.classifiedsfor
AdTrader (UK) - http://www.adtrader.co.u
FreeAds (UK) - http://www.freeads.co.uk
AdLandPro - http://www.adland.com
Oodle - http://www.oodle.com
ClassifiedAds - http://www.classifiedads.
WorldsList - http://www.worldslist.com
OzFreeOnlineClassifieds - http://classifieds.ozfreeonline.com/
Yahoo Classifieds - http://classifieds.yahoo.com
Most popular free classifieds websites on the Internet
www.craigslist.org - Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 47
www.backpage.com - Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 2340
www.Kijiji.ca - Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 30,192 ; Popular in Canada
classifieds.yahoo.com - Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 1
base.google.com - Page Rank 7 ; Alexa Rank 3
classifieds.myspace.com - Page Rank 7 ; Alexa Rank 6
expo.live.com - Page Rank 7 ; Alexa Rank 5
www.adlandpro.com - Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 3431
www.usfreeads.com - Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 4261
www.oodle.com - Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 10,050
www.adpost.com - Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 9933
www.freeadvertisingforum.com - Page Rank ? ; Alexa Rank 31,660
www.sell.com - Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 24,388
www.InetGiant.com - Page Rank 4 ; Alexa Rank 26,756
www.adquest3d.com - Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 76,455
www.recycler.com - Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 28,649
www.chooseyouritem.com - Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 31,495
www.domesticsale.com - Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 35,045
www.epage.com - Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 40,443
www.classifiedsforfree.com - Page Rank 4 ; Alexa Rank 31,133
postaroo.com - Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 76,006
www.TheFlyer.com - Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 196,733
www.salespider.com - Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 31,208
www.ozfreeonline.com - Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 80,028
www.ClassifiedAds.com - Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 93077
www.gumtree.com - Page Rank 7 ; Alexa Rank 975 ; Popular in UK
www.isell.com - Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 119228


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